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Enamel Worry Ring with Beads Adjustable


If you want to be on-trend and stylish but also need something that helps keep your hands busy during those long days at work or school - we've got just the thing for you. These colourful rings with beads will brighten up your day and lighten up your mood. With 5 movable beads in different colours throughout each piece (to add some extra flair), these enamel rings will make any outfit pop with personality without compromising function: they are exactly what your fingers need.

When you’re feeling anxious or under a lot of stress, start moving your fidget ring with beads until you calm down and feel centred again. The ring will become the secret ally that will help you improve your focus, feel, and react to overwhelming feelings, enabling you to live the life you want.

Our rings with beads are crafted of surgical steel, which gives them durability while maintaining their shine. They will not tarnish, rust, or turn your finger green.

Material: stainless steel

Beads: enamel

An important note about sizing:although adjustable, please note that these enamel rings are much more rigid than our stainless steel beaded anxiety rings in silver and gold. They do not adjust as easily, requiring some strength. We found it easier to enlarge them than to make them smaller. These rings with beads come in Australian size R (9 US), measuring 18.70 mm in diameter. If your finger size is significantly smaller or larger than size R, you’ll need someone with special jewellery pliers to adjust the fidget ring with beads ring for you.