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Beaded Anxiety Ring - Stainless Steel Adjustable

Gold - Stainless Steel
Silver - Stainless Steel

Looking for a ring that is stylish and can help with your anxiety? Look no further than our beaded adjustable ring. This feminine ring is crafted from surgical stainless steel that is nickel-free and lead-free. Our spinner rings will not rust or turn your finger green, making them perfect for everyday wear.

This spinning ring is the perfect accessory for your busy lifestyle. It features 7 beads that keep your hands occupied, keeping you from picking at your nails or cuticles. Our ring for anxiety is ideal for people who need a little extra help staying focused. By wearing the ring on your index finger and moving the beads with your thumb while holding the mouse, you’ll be able to relieve stress and concentrate on your work. So why wait? Get yourself a ring for fidgeting today. 

Do you have a youngster with ADHD who could use a little help focusing in school? This adjustable ring will fit any teen finger size helping to keep your daughter’s attention focused and her energy level under control, so she can better concentrate on the task at hand. Available in silver and gold, these rings for anxiety make an excellent gift for teenagers and young adults. They come in an organza pouch, ready to be gifted to your daughter and her best friend. You can also check out this beaded ring if you'd like to try something that is not adjustable. 

So if you want the perfect present for an anniversary or birthday, then a customised jewellery box to keep the ring safe is the way to go! The chic design of this wonderful gift is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. 


Personalised jewellery boxes in white and pink with rings inside

Why do I need an anxiety ring?

Help with ADHD

This adjustable ring is an excellent choice for anyone seeking fidget rings for ADHD. By manipulating the beads, you can effectively manage your symptoms in a controlled and constructive manner. This ring also serves as a fantastic focus tool for children, enabling them to listen, converse, and think more clearly. For adults, spinner rings are perfect for discreet fidgeting in professional settings.

Anxiety Relief

Therapists believe that skin picking or playing with your hair is often a result of stress and anxiety, but many people don't realize they're doing it. Our elegant spinner rings help avoid those bad habits by giving you something outside of yourself to focus on (and fidget with).

 Adjustable Ring

We all know that buying a ring can be tricky when you don’t see the ring size of their finger. That’s why we’ve had massive success with this resizable ring: it is perfect for anyone from teenagers and young adults up to grownups. Our anxiety rings Australia collection features several spinner rings. Check them out today!

Discreet and Stylish

The cleverly designed bead adjustable ring is your perfect accessory when you're out in public. This dainty piece goes well with any outfit, and no one will ever suspect that it can help calm down those anxious moments: from work meetings all the way out on dates!