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Colour Changing Mood Ring that Spins


Introducing the world’s first spinning mood ring. This innovative, colour-changing fidget ring is a fun, stylish and efficient way to help adults, teenagers, and kids cope with anxiety or stress.

The mood rings have been a favourite amongst people for decades and are back in style! This spinner ring is a fun way to connect with your emotions. It will change colours throughout the day depending on your emotional state, indicating how you’re feeling inside – whether it is frustration, anxiety or excitement!

Being in touch with your mood can help improve relationships and navigate life's challenges more wisely. Moods are a reflection of everything from the external environment to how you're feeling on an emotional level. A mood ring will help you be aware of what's going on for you internally or externally and how that impacts how you feel.

Our mood ring colours range from dark grey (when you’re stressed and tense) to green ( when you’re calm and relaxed). Scroll down for an in-depth explanation of the mood ring colour meanings.       

Materials: copper plated with sterling silver

Band width: 6 mm

A colour-changing ring will be a reminder to take a break, relax, and focus on the present moment. When things are getting too intense, spin the outer band of the mood ring while taking long, deep breaths. You’ll notice that the movement of the ring has a calming effect on the body and mind bringing stress and anxiety relief.

Wear this ring to remind yourself that nothing can stop your dreams. Gifting a mood ring to a loved one is also a great way to introduce them to the power of their moods. Every time they see the colour change, they’ll be reminded of the possibilities that are available to them.

Each colour-changing ring is packed in an organza bag, ready for gifting. Mood rings for kids will always be a hit, no matter the occasion. Adults and teenagers will fall in love with the spinning part of this ring. You can also choose one of the beautiful message cards to accompany your gift for your daughter, son, granddaughter or friend.

An important note about mood rings' sizing: our rings' diameter has been measured with an electronic calliper, so the dimensions are very accurate. The rings are sold using either AU sizes (letters from L to U) or US sizes (e.g. numbers from 6-10). The most accurate way to determine your ring size ( if you don’t know it already) is to drop into a jewellery store and ask to have your finger sized. Alternatively, check out this article on how to determine your ring size at home.

What are Mood Rings?

 Mood rings were invented in 1975 in New York by Maris Ambats and Josh Reynolds. These finger rings contain thermochromic elements or “mood stone” which changes colour depending on your mood or surroundings!

 Mood rings were a popular accessory in the '80s, and now they've made their way into modern society. My Anxiety Ring is proud to be the first in Australia to combine spinning rings' benefits with mood rings' fun and insight.

What are Mood Rings Made of?

The inner band is copper plated with sterling silver. The moving outer band is made of thermotropic liquid crystals covered by a protective coating. These crystals twist in response to body temperature shifts and change their molecular structure, thus their colour.

How Do Mood Rings Work?

The liquid crystals are the secret to the change in the mood ring's colours. The copper inner band is thin and very conductive, allowing the body temperature to easily reach the thermochromic liquid crystals in the outer band that twist and change their colour. 

Your mood affects your body temperature. The ring's colour will be green at the average person’s normal resting temperature of  28 C. When you’re happy or excited, your body gets warm because the capillaries move a little closer to the skin surface and release more warmth. This causes the crystals in the ring to alter their position, which results in shades of blue.

When you are nervous or stressed, the body directs the blood towards the core organs, which decreases the temperature at the body's extremities, including the fingers. This causes the crystals to reflect more yellow or brown. 

However, the jewelry is not a reliable indicator of the wearer’s emotions because mood rings can change colour due to temperature shifts caused by reasons other than emotions. In a cooler temperature, when the body temperature drops, the ring's colour will be dark grey or black. If you wear it in a sauna (which we don’t recommend), the ring’s response to the heat of your skin will be a dark blue colour.

Can I Get my Mood Ring Wet?

Mood rings have been around since the 1970s, but they were prone to water and moisture and would stop working if even a drop of water reached the thermochromic liquid crystals. But modern-day mood rings are sealed well enough to prevent any liquid from getting into your precious jewelry and disrupting the liquid crystals’s colour-changing activity.

However, our advice is to keep your mood ring dry. An occasional splash of water may not affect the crystals in the spinning band, but try not to shower, swim or wash hands with your ring on. Also, this ring is only silver plated, not entirely made of silver, so it’s best to be on the safe side and avoid water.  

 How Long Do Mood Rings Last?

You can expect your mood ring to last from a couple of years to five years. Eventually, it will remain black and stop responding to temperature changes. Very few mood rings from the 70s are still functioning.

Mood rings are notorious for being damaged by water. Most of the time, this means that you’ll have a black and unresponsive piece of jewellery because the moisture reached the crystals in the spinning band and affected their ability to change color.

A less known aspect of your mood ring is that it can be damaged by high temperature. Leaving your ring in a hot spot, such as a window sill or car dashboard, may damage the liquid crystals.

 Mood ring colours' meanings     

While it's true that changes in body temperature do accompany different emotions, mood jewelry is not always an accurate indicator of the wearer’s emotions. If you’re outside in freezing weather, the cooler temperature of your fingers will turn the ring black or grey, but this does not mean you’re under a lot of stress. Conversely, if you’re holding a hot cup of tea and the skin temperature increases, the ring will turn in blue colour without you necessarily being in a state of calm or relaxation.

Mood Ring Colour Chart

What does your mood jewelry say about you? This chart with ring colors and meanings will help you decode your emotions.

 Colour Meaning
Black This colour represents the peak of negative emotions: stress and tension. Your ring can also turn black or dark grey when you’re very nervous, overworked or sink your hands in ice-cold water.
Grey The colour grey is a sign of anxiety, of you being uneasy.
Brown Brown could show an overwhelming sense of restlessness and anticipation for what’s coming next. Your ring could also turn this hue if your mind is whirling with nervous thoughts.
Amber or Yellow Among all mood ring colours, yellow is a middle feeling or emotion. This may mean you have mixed emotions, or you’re unhappy and cool.
Orange When you’re unsettled or excited, eager to try something new.
Red Your mood ring may turn red if your heart rate is elevated due to high energy, which can be due to fiery anger or an intense workout.
Green If your mood ring is green, you’re in a calm state, not under stress, and comfortable with your surroundings. This can happen while you’re reading or you’re active.               
Turquoise Blue This hue of blue colour is a sign of relaxation and contentment. You’re feeling happy, optimistic and lovable.
Blue Your emotions are in a good place, feeling calm, joyful, active and social.
Dark Blue The dark blue colour is a sign of passion and sensuality, signifying interest in love and romance.
Purple Purple or violet is the peak of positive emotions, the opposite of black. Your mood ring will turn purple when you’re very happy, super excited, and passionate.